Is Pest Control Services Worth the Average Cost?

Companies providing pest control services have the responsibility to prevent damage to people and property and to ensure that pests do not become a problem in the homeowner’s life and cause undue stress and annoyance. When considering which pest control company to use, one should find out what kind of services are offered and whether those services meet their particular needs. This can be done by reading customer reviews, speaking with other homeowners and by consulting with state and federal agencies.

Options: One or two years. Most Pest Control Service Companies offers both a long-term contract and a short-term option. Most long-term customers get all of the advantages of the Pest Control Service Plan with the benefit of free annual termite treatments and significant discounts on pest inspections, if an existing infestation has been found. A short-term plan may be used for one or two months to address an infestation before it becomes a full-blown concern.

Average Cost: Some pest control services offer a standard rate per month, while others charge an average cost for the number of treatments received. The average cost for an entire termite treatment is between six and ten dollars per treatment. Some companies charge an annual fee for unlimited treatments, while others charge a flat monthly fee for each infestation. Monthly fees should be compared based on the number of treatment sessions. In the case of an annual fee, the number of treatments will be limited to the number of months remaining in the year, so be sure to call and make your appointment early if you expect to have a larger pest problem in the coming months.

Treatment Options: Basic residential pest control services include the application of baits, powder, or sprays for termites that are living inside the house. A baiting treatment can be done in one sitting and should be left on the premises for the life of the infestation. Baits should be placed at least six feet away from the foundation and be maintained in an unoccupied, dry, warm area. Sprays are applied when the pest colony becomes active and is searching for food. These sprays are applied on a monthly basis for two to three months before the next treatment plan is scheduled.

Online Chat: Effective pest control services offer an online chat support team to answer questions about treatment methods, to provide basic information, and to help you select the best overall solution. Online chat options vary by companies, so be sure to look at the options and compare them to find the one that’s best for you. Some companies allow you to speak with an authorized representative without being charged for the consultation. Others still charge for each question you have. You can also ask specific questions about specific treatments, such as what types of wood or plastic are best for termite treatment. Using an online chat gives you a more personal approach from someone who actually works for a pest control services company and can give you valuable information that you may not get otherwise.

As a final note, pest control services are more expensive than typical home maintenance projects. If you are planning to use an exterminator, make sure you factor that into the overall monthly cost. However, there are ways to save on pest control services, such as doing it yourself. With just a little research and creative thought, most homeowners can take care of their pest issues for less than an average cost pest control service would charge.

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