Fire Damage Cleanup – A Specialized Skill That Requires Special Equipment

Fire damage clean up can be a tricky and complicated process. Depending on how extensive the damage is, whether you live in Florida or Virginia, the clean up can often take several days or more. Fire Damage Cleanup in VA does not need to be complicated. In fact, the quicker you start the better. The following will give you some helpful information on fire damage clean up in Virginia.

Fire damage cleaning is actually a multi-step process which often consists of dealing with smoke or water damage, fire damage and then soot or mold remediation. Depending on the extent of the fire damage and the severity of it, you might also need to get an inspection by a trained inspector to ensure the building is safe for re-use or that it must be demolished and rebuilding can begin immediately. This is of particular importance in Virginia, where a recent study showed that half of all homes in Virginia were damaged in a fire at some point. Because of this, you must be sure to hire a professional company to do your Fire Damage Cleanup in Virginia.

A qualified fire damage restoration company should be able to provide a full assessment of any building so that you can determine the right steps to take. They will have experience and knowledge in all aspects of fire damage restoration from restoration to clean up. A good company will also have connections and resources to deal with other issues such as asbestos removal and restorations. They will utilize every resource available to ensure that the entire building is successfully restored and clean up is completed safely.

You must first of all address and contain the fire damage and then investigate the cause of it. If the cause is due to human error, faulty equipment or plumbing, then you should have no problem addressing these issues. However, if there is water damage caused by structural fires, electrical issues or other types of catastrophe, then a qualified water damage restoration company should be called in.

The next step after the structure has been reduced to the bare bones is the clean up efforts. While fire damage cleanup companies can handle this step alone, many homeowners prefer to contract with a local, experienced company for two primary reasons. First of all, water damage cleanup is incredibly dangerous and requires specialized equipment not always available to a homeowner on their own. Second of all, large-scale cleanups can be expensive which may discourage some individuals from attempting to complete the cleanup efforts on their own.

Fire damage clean up can take several days or longer depending on the size of the flames, the severity of it and other environmental factors. If water has spread throughout the building and the flames are not subsiding, then a water extraction team will need to be called in to stem the water flow and keep the fire out. If the flames have spread throughout the entire property, including the ceiling and other structures, then the fire damage cleanup will take more time. Depending upon the type of damage incurred, the cleanup will also vary accordingly.

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